New to coiling

A little over a year ago, my friend, Robbie Porter taught one of my art groups, Creative Saturday, how to coil.  I have found I enjoy coiling very much.  It is an old way of making baskets and can also be a very artful form of basketry.  These are the first 3 pieces I have made.  With every piece I make, I explore what happens when I do something different to them.  With my first piece, I had no finished product in mind, but as I worked on it, the yarn started suggesting sand and surf as I worked on it.  Before I finished it, I had a trip to Florida and another artist friend, Charlie Patricolo of  Charlieclothdolls on Facebook, was teaching classes in Florida and I was visiting friends in Florida.  Charlie picked my friend Cheryl and I up and off we went to Naples, Florida to visit one of the galleries that carry Charlie's dolls.  We had a lovely day with lunch in Naples and a stroll on the beach just off of downtown Naples.  The three of us collected the shells I used to finish my first coiled basket.  Along with cheesecloth to represent the foamy water at the edge of the beach to complete the beach motif, I was pleased with the piece.  Then I used an aqua yarn that also suggested water to me.  The tiny basket is just sweet to me and the piece at the bottom of the page I call Tidal Pool and I plan to finish it with shells inside to suggest the tidal pools that hold whatever lands inside until the tide rises again to deposit and remove from the tidal pools at the ocean's edge.  I have more pieces and will talk about them in another post.  I'm not finished coiling and may never be.  I love this art form!


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