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Tribute to Casey

My quilt guild is sad right now.  We have lost Casey.  I posted this pic on an earlier post when I was making my name tag for the art quilting and fiber art guild.  She was a special woman and in the short time that I had the pleasure of knowing her, I could see she was a talented woman and strong.  She had fought serious illness for many years, yet cancer did not have her, she had cancer.  She had a lot more art to get out and nothing was going to stop that.  She could always make a suggestion on a project that had you stumped.  She was very curious and explored new techniques all the time and shared them with the group through workshops.  She was always encouraging to those around her.  She was just one of those people that made me glad I had the pleasure of knowing her.  Talented, insightful, thoughtful, interested.....amazing.  These are some of the words that come to mind when I think about Casey.   We miss you Casey, but we will carry on and you will be in the middle of everyth…

Mehndi Anyone?

The Diversity Council at my place of employment brings many interesting events to us but one of my favorite is Dawali, the Indian celebration also called the Festival of Lights. Each year they bring in a Mehndi artist and sometimes I take part in that. I love the stylized design. The traditional dress is also inspiring to me as a figurative artist. I have been making a very simple figure lately so I decided to design one using a Bindi the Mehndi artist brought with her. She was offering them and I decided to put it on the covered button face I was drawing for my Indian doll. What fun! Someday I will make a larger figure with traditional Indian dress, but for now this makes me happy! What do you think?
By the way, she has found a good home.  Somewhere she will be appreciated and I am happy about that!