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Journey Guides.....again!

I recently started making Journey Guides again after 5 years.  They are fun little dolls that will hang on the wall and have characteristics attributed to them that we might need in our lives.  I am doing more embellishment on the bodies and more facial expressions on them.  I think they are fun and I hope you will as well as you decide which one you will choose to travel with!

The Journey Guides are available at Under the Stars, 97 E. Main St., Batavia, OH 45103.  The shop phone number is 513-238-7913.  Under the Stars is a wonderful shop owned by Vicki Watson and she has the works of about 150 artists in the shop.  It's a gem of a shop and easy to find as it is right off of Rt 32 in downtown Batavia.  I hope you will check the shop out!
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New to coiling

A little over a year ago, my friend, Robbie Porter taught one of my art groups, Creative Saturday, how to coil.  I have found I enjoy coiling very much.  It is an old way of making baskets and can also be a very artful form of basketry.  These are the first 3 pieces I have made.  With every piece I make, I explore what happens when I do something different to them.  With my first piece, I had no finished product in mind, but as I worked on it, the yarn started suggesting sand and surf as I worked on it.  Before I finished it, I had a trip to Florida and another artist friend, Charlie Patricolo of  Charlieclothdolls on Facebook, was teaching classes in Florida and I was visiting friends in Florida.  Charlie picked my friend Cheryl and I up and off we went to Naples, Florida to visit one of the galleries that carry Charlie's dolls.  We had a lovely day with lunch in Naples and a stroll on the beach just off of downtown Naples.  The three of us collected the shells I used to finish m…

All stitched up and ready to wrap!

At last!!  Yea!  I have wanted to do this for several months but other projects got in the way.  More on those later.  My dad loves to play music, primarily bluegrass but he also plays hymns.  When I was at my parents home for Thanksgiving, Mom got the mandolin out for me and I took some pics.  So here it is finished with some detail photos, as well.  I had a lot of fun putting it together.  I hope he will enjoy it.  What do you think?

Stitching more.....

Progress as promised.  Now I am stitching the frets  and have more to add, I don't know the names of all the parts.  But there will be more.....stay tuned!

Shhh....Christmas Secrets

When I was a kid that was the thing we would say when the intended receipent walked in on a conversation about their gift.  That meant turn around, you cannot hear this!  So don't tell my Dad everyone, but I am working on a project for him for Christmas.  He has played musical instruments since before I was born.  In fact, if you look at my profile photo here on my blog, you will find a photo of my Dad and me with a couple of his instruments.  Anyway, this is the start of his gift and I hope it works out as I planned it on paper.  I will post another photo of the finished product soon since it IS part of his Christmas presents and I have to get busy to finish it!  More soon, in the meantime, remember, shhh....Christmas Secrets!

Falling Leaves

Recently I had lunch with some very creative women and we exchanged handmade gifts.  I wanted to do something for them that was unique, I had not seen and had not made before.  After giving it some thought, I decided to come up with these stylized leaves.  And I personalized them for the recipients.  Starting at the bottom, Rosiland always puts a flower in her quilts, so I gave her a flower.  Next, counter clockwise the orange and gold was for Jereena who is from India.  Then Barb hand dyes a lot of fabric so hers was made with a batik with the look of one of Barb's hand dyed fabrics.  Then there is Billie, and she is new to our group.  And lastly (but not least) is Carole, a fabulous quilter and all who know her know she has a very distictive look using her signature colors so the one I made for her was in celebration of that. 

Thank you to all my Creative Friends.  I look forward to a new year of creating together.  Sharing laughter, sharing techniques, encouragement and love …

My new series

I call them Journey Guides.  Who will you choose to travel with?  And they come with different characteristics.  Joy, Fierceness and Grace are a few of the characteristics I attribute to them.  They are reminders of what you may want more of in your life.  Of this group, only the one on the far right, Skye, remains.  The others have all found good homes.  Currently you can find them at the Kennedy Heights Arts Center in the Holiday show, but after December is over, I will have them home again.  If you are interested in more information, or think you are interested in bringing one home with you, post a comment and I will contact you.