A new eye on the world

One of the things I see happening to me as I am learning art quilting is I "see" the world a little differently. My camera is going to be very important to my creative development. Often now while I am walking in the woods or through some other serandipity, I find something that literally or figuratively suggests a quilt. That is what happened the other day.

I was getting in my car in a parking lot and heard an awful squawking and looked around to see this little bird on the side of the parking lot looking at me and giving me the what for! I could almost imagine her little wings on her hips! I realized she either had babies or eggs nearby and so I stood and talked to her for a minute all the while scanning the side of the parking lot. I could not see any babies or eggs. While I talked to her, she didn't move a muscle, but as soon as I turned to enter my car, she hopped back on her eggs. She blended so well that it took a couple of minutes to find her. I got out of the car with my cell camera to take some pics of this little mother. She puffed her feathers out once again warning me to stay away. Now I could see her eggs and realized why I couldn't see them before. The eggs were speckled and blended perfectly with the surrounding rocks. It was surprising to me that she just lays the eggs on the ground right on the side of a parking lot. I don't know what kind of bird she is, but someone did suggest she might be a killdeer bird. What I do know is that she touched my heart that day and someday she will likely become the subject of a quilt.


  1. Wow talk about evolution, parking lot speckeled eggs! Be sure to post the quilt when you get it done, would love to see what you do with it.

  2. I'm pretty interested to see what I do with it, toooo, Mary Ellen! :)

  3. Definitely a Killdeer! They are great at diverting attention from their nests. I've seen them run along in front of me while dragging one wing to mock being injured in order to take me away from the nest.


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