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Jacket to purses progress

Making progress! If you look back a couple of posts you will see the jacket that I started with. Now I have 1 purse in progress. Notice the zipper on the back of this bag? It is the pocket for the jacket! And the chevron on the jacket in the bosom area will be the front flap of the bag. I have some lovely leopard print satin to make the lining with that I think will go great with the aqua leather bag! I am learning a few things with this bag and I think the next one will be slightly different. It's fun, don't you think?

Presto, Change-o !

I have been thrift shopping again and found a beauty! An aqua metallic leather that I want to turn into something else. So I have removed the knit sleeves and collar, as well as the front zipper. Now the fun begins! After I finish turning this fun piece of leather into something else I will post the results. I am excited to begin!