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Giggle Fest !!

Giggle Fest

These little faces make me smile!  I hope they do that for you, too. Each one is unique, hand drawn and designed to bring a giggle.  I delivered new Journey Guides to Under the Stars in Batavia, Ohio, last week.  You can find the address on this page.

It is time to replenish my supply, so I have been busy sewing and cutting out new Journey Guides and now stuffing the bodies, drawing the faces and deciding what "hair" they will get!  Along with all of that, I decided to re-design the tags that hang with each Journey Guide describing the characteristic that I assign to them.  Some are called Grace, or Skye, Nurturing, Joy or Fierceness.  As we travel through life, sometimes we find we want to work toward something.  Maybe we need to be more fierce in defending ourselves or even those we love.  These Guides are meant to be a reminder, and a reflection of what we already have within us.  We just need to bring it out and fine tune it!  Who will you choose to travel …

Fine Arts Night at Miami Valley Christian Academy

I recently had the pleasure of being a featured artist at the Miami Valley Christian Academy for their annual Fine Arts Night.  It is organized at the school by the Art Department and was my first such experience!  The students even made a sign for my table.  My obligation as a participating artist was to demonstrate coiling.  The elementary age children and the parents seemed to be the most interested in the coiling.  One little girl was so attentive and asked such good questions!  It was fun to explain the different types of core material I had used and how I use them for different effect when she said, "hmmm....that makes sense."  SO CUTE!  It was a great experience to participate in this annual event!

While I was demonstrating, I had a signup sheet on my table for people to sign up for a coiling class and so now I have to get ready for that class!  Gotta run, lots to do!

Journey Guides.....again!

I recently started making Journey Guides again after 5 years.  They are fun little dolls that will hang on the wall and have characteristics attributed to them that we might need in our lives.  I am doing more embellishment on the bodies and more facial expressions on them.  I think they are fun and I hope you will as well as you decide which one you will choose to travel with!

The Journey Guides are available at Under the Stars, 97 E. Main St., Batavia, OH 45103.  The shop phone number is 513-238-7913.  Under the Stars is a wonderful shop owned by Vicki Watson and she has the works of about 150 artists in the shop.  It's a gem of a shop and easy to find as it is right off of Rt 32 in downtown Batavia.  I hope you will check the shop out!