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Convergent 1

My first art quilt! I figure in 5 years I will look at it and cringe, but now I am really proud of it!
The design is simple, as is the stitching. All diagonal stitching in a wavy line made that fairly simple. I used a variegated thread that was orange, brown and white, as the color of the quilt top was brown, gold and reds I was pleasantly surprised at how the thread complimented the colors of the quilt. It actually was not obvious at all that the colors weren't the same! With my first quilt and first quilt show under my belt, I am ready for more! Now I want to take some classes to improve my skills!


Last Saturday I had lunch with my friend, Carole Gary Staples, an amazing artist. Carole had a mannequin she was looking to get out of the house and I just happen to be in the market for a dress form. Julia, as I have named her, will go with me to shows when I have wearables she can rock for me. And at home, I can put some batting on her and she can be my dress form. There is some water staining so I have decided to give Julia a "facelift". I started with a coating of gesso and will sand and gesso again. Then I will paint a new dress for Julia. She is going to be fun! More to come...

Sweater Chop

Yesterday I went to the Pendleton Art Studios to the new studio of my friend, Nancy Gamon. Everyone that came brought a sweater or two and the idea was to spread the sweaters out on a table and chop 'em up to make new sweaters. Here is what I have so far. It was a fun thing to do and a good way to get out of my comfort zone. I was able to finish most of what I wanted to do, I need to put a new placket on the front and finish stitching around the "flowers" and add one more flower to the front. Thanks for a great experience, Nancy!