Monday, May 31, 2010

A new eye on the world

One of the things I see happening to me as I am learning art quilting is I "see" the world a little differently. My camera is going to be very important to my creative development. Often now while I am walking in the woods or through some other serandipity, I find something that literally or figuratively suggests a quilt. That is what happened the other day.

I was getting in my car in a parking lot and heard an awful squawking and looked around to see this little bird on the side of the parking lot looking at me and giving me the what for! I could almost imagine her little wings on her hips! I realized she either had babies or eggs nearby and so I stood and talked to her for a minute all the while scanning the side of the parking lot. I could not see any babies or eggs. While I talked to her, she didn't move a muscle, but as soon as I turned to enter my car, she hopped back on her eggs. She blended so well that it took a couple of minutes to find her. I got out of the car with my cell camera to take some pics of this little mother. She puffed her feathers out once again warning me to stay away. Now I could see her eggs and realized why I couldn't see them before. The eggs were speckled and blended perfectly with the surrounding rocks. It was surprising to me that she just lays the eggs on the ground right on the side of a parking lot. I don't know what kind of bird she is, but someone did suggest she might be a killdeer bird. What I do know is that she touched my heart that day and someday she will likely become the subject of a quilt.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

What's in a name?

At last, my nametag is completed! I will be ready to announce who I am at the next meeting. Thanks to Casey for helping me to learn to do the satin stitch to nicely finish the edges! And thanks to Nancy for giving one of her labor intensive twisted cords to me to hang the nametag around my neck with!

I'm pleased with the end result. And in my fav color, to boot! The world is a better place with the color purple in it :) For me, it is a calming and joyful color. You will likely see much more of it in future posts of my work. I'm drawn to it over and over again.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nametags R Us

Last weekend was a great time to make a nametag so peeps would know who I am when I go to events with my new art quilting and fiber art group. Casey, pictured here, hosted a fun open house in her home. Come all day or for a little while and make your nametag. It was a fun way to meet more members and take care of a little detail that I may not have gotten around to. So now I am almost official. I still have some sewing and beading to do on my nametag to complete it. We have made a mess of Casey's table with fabric, fibers, ribbons, beads, brownies, cookies and had a ball! Thank you, Casey, for putting together a fun day!

Friday, March 19, 2010 this thing on?

Because of my love of creating art with fabric and fiber, ok, and beads, paints, and all things shiny, I have decided to begin writing a blog to share my journey with you. It will be filled with twists and turns, so fasten your seat belt. There could be some sudden turns and changes of direction!

I have loved the arts as long as I can remember. Even as a wee one I saved my copies of "Highlights" magazine and made the crafts I found in there. Along the way I have embroidered, used wool for crewel, done some needlepointing, done a little quilting, and thrown some stained glass in there, too! I'm always learning something new. And the fun of mixed media art is that you can use all of it in some way or another.

For the past 4 years I have been a member of the RiverCity Figurative Artists' Guild. We all make figurative art, but approach it in different ways. Some use cloth, some polymer clay. Still others use needle felting or found objects. All put their heart into their creations and have shared their knowledge generously.

Recently though I have also decided to branch out into art quilting. I have a lot to learn, and I'm so excited. I use other peoples patterns for my figurative art, but with art quilting, I think I will develop my own style. That will take making a lot of quilts to figure out just what that is, but that's the fun of it! So I hope you will stay tuned and enjoy along with me!

More to follow soon....Deb